Awaken, Focus, and Engage


“Educators are turning to mindfulness with increasing frequency–perhaps a good thing, considering how digital technology is splitting kids’ attention spans too."
​-Time Magazine

  • Mindfulness improves attention
  • Mindfulness calls your awareness to the present moment, thereby improving concentration and focus
  • Mindfulness enhances impulse control
  • Mindfulness allows for thoughtful response to feelings
  • Mindfulness reduces stress for students and teachers
  • Mindfulness helps alleviate stress
  • Mindfulness strengthens relationships and builds community

Imagine a world where all children learned these basic practices to help balance/soothe their nervous system -- so they were less likely to make rash decisions under stressful conditions. Learned breathing exercises to calm and focus their minds, which would help boost their recall of critical details on exams. Practiced tools that helped them foster compassion, increase the likelihood of kind, compassionate action, and even alter their genetic and hormonal expression toward health. I believe these children would be prepared to not only lead happier, healthier lives, but they would also be poised to treat others more kindly and make a greater contribution to society.