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mindfulness asia

changing the world, one breath at a time

mindfulness asia

changing the world, one breath at a time

Befriending Yourself
with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
4-Week Course
January 21 & 28, February 4 at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
February 11, Whole day
Ateneo de Manila University
Php. 10,000


This 4-week course is an introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion. You will learn mindfulness meditation practices, both in stillness and in motion, ways to deepen positive emotions like compassion, kindness, and joy and integrate more awareness and creativity into daily life. 


We will explore the emerging science about how applied mindfulness can benefit mental and physical well being.  You will learn and develop active listening skills while connecting to yourself and with others. This experiential course is designed for beginners and no prior experience with meditation is necessary.  Seasoned meditation practitioners are welcome to deepen their understanding, refine their practices, and to be in community with other meditators.


Wisdom Talk Topics:

● What Is Mindfulness?

● The Science of Mindfulness

● Mindfulness of the Body

● Mindfulness of Breath

● Metta (Lovingkindness)

● Mindfulness of Emotions and Feelings 

● Self-Compassion/RAIN

● Compassion for Others

● Working with Pain and Illness

● Mindfulness of Thoughts

● Self-Forgiveness & Forgiveness of Others

● Impermanence, Grief, and Loss 

● Happiness and Joy

● Equanimity and Peace

● Gratitude

● Common Obstacles to Meditation

Guided Meditations:

●  Mindfulness of Breath

●  Mindfulness of Breath and Body

●  Metta, the Practice of Lovingkindness

●  Self-Compassion/Compassion for Others


●  Meditation on Pain and Discomfort

●  Standing and Walking Meditation (with variations for accessibility)

●  Compassionate Body Scan

●  Self-Forgiveness

●  The Three Directions of Forgiveness

●  Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions

●  Mindfulness of Thoughts

●  Exploring Our True Nature

●  Cultivating Joy

●  Mindful Movement Meditation

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