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5 Keys to a Successful Mindfulness Practice

For many people, the practice of mindfulness is not easy. Some struggle through the moments when one is supposed to focus on the breath. Many of us find ourselves getting distracted, our mind is pulled this way and that. But don’t give up. There are many things you can do to strengthen your mindfulness practice, and here we share some of them.

Do the guided meditations. The guided meditations can help us focus. By listening to the recording, we avoid putting our attention somewhere else. Because all we need to do is follow the guide, we can relax and allow the practice to flow naturally.

Focus on doing just a little bit each day. It’s important to set daily goals that are achievable. If you are a busy person, aim for a realistic target, even if it’s just a few minutes per day. When the goal is easy, we are more likely to fulfill it.

Aim for consistency. It can be a challenge turning the practice into a daily habit, but this is how we strengthen our mindfulness practice. Include it in your schedule at the same time each day. Show up on the mat no matter how you’re feeling, no matter the weather, no matter your external circumstances.

Bring the practices into your daily life. It is not enough to practice mindfulness only when you are sitting. It is equally important to incorporate it while you are going about your day. It can be a test somehow, to stay calm and mindful when people and things around you are chaotic.

Have fun. This means going easy on yourself and not reprimanding yourself if you fail to sit on some days or if your mind wandered during practice. Recognize that the practice is also a process and that it helps to celebrate the moment by incorporating joy and fun into your mindfulness practice.

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1 Comment

Jhanine Barateta
Jhanine Barateta
Jun 18, 2022

I believe I really need to work on consistency. 😅

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