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5 things you can do when you’re having a bad day

The tricky part about bad days is that they tend to get worse as the hours roll by, and so the crucial thing is to deal with them early before they get much worse. Here are 5 things you can do to save a day that has started negatively.

1. Accept it.

Embrace the fact that not every day is a good day, and this is okay. Once you start fighting each wrong thing that happens, you can begin to relax, manage your expectations, and just stay in the moment—whether it’s going your way or not. When are you in the present moment, you allow things to happen without judgment, and this does a lot to lower your anxiety levels.

2. Just breathe.

Sometimes, we forget to pause, especially when the going gets rough. So always remember to stop and breathe. Close your eyes, take a deep and slow breath, and tell yourself that you’re okay. Breathing is like pressing the reset button. It gives you the opportunity to begin again on a fresh, clean slate.

3. Meditate.

Meditation can save us—this has been proven by so many people time and time again. When you realize your day isn’t going well, take a 5-minute break (or 10, if you have the time), go into silence, and still the mind. The practice will refresh you and help you to regain a better perspective on things. Meditation also helps the body calm down.

4. Do a body scan.

Sometimes, when we’re feeling stressed out or frustrated, we tend to feel a kind of heaviness in certain parts of the body. So try to scan your body, from the top of the head down to your toes, and check where you’re feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes, there’s tension in our neck, a dull headache, or some kind of tightness in the tummy, etc. Once you have determined these aches, direct some loving and healing energy onto those parts that need TLC. And then do something to alleviate the discomfort—maybe have a soothing cup of tea, rub the area with essential oil, or put a warm compress over it. Be kind and loving to yourself, first of all!

5. Grab a pen and write.

Writing is healing. When we put pen to paper and write down our thoughts in a journal, it helps to create a kind of order in our minds. Things get sorted out, in a way, and we tend to feel a certain lightness after we release our worries onto the page. In that sense, journaling becomes an outlet for our concerns. Remember to just keep writing and not worry about grammar, style, or any kind of writing rules. Just get in touch with your inner self and allow yourself to unload the thoughts that are making you anxious. Let it all go.

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