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A Clear Mind, a True Heart

Why is it important to nurture a clear mind? And how do we achieve this? First of all, let us look at what happens when our mind is not clear, which means our thinking may be muddled, confused, or biased.

If the mind is not clear, our understanding, conclusions, and decisions will be flawed. We won’t be able to make an accurate assessment of things, which may lead to us becoming judgmental or to blaming. A clear mind, therefore, does not judge. It does not blame.

A loving heart

When the mind is clear, the heart speaks the truth and is loving. Furthermore, the heart is happy when we are not judgmental. Living in clarity and peace is living from the heart.

It is quite obvious that a lot of good comes from having clarity of mind. How, then, do we cultivate a clear mind?

1. Open your mind. Do not be limited to understanding only the things you know. We gain wisdom when we broaden our knowledge and widen our perspective.

2. Let go. Don’t be too focused on the things you want or don’t want. Don’t concentrate on your personal judgments and your fears. Otherwise, life will be difficult and everything becomes a struggle. Let go of all these things so what you need can easily flow towards you.

3. Go inside. Listen to your inner voice. Be silent and still. Examine the self to understand it. Because when you do, you’ll find out your truth. Remember that happiness always comes from inside, never from things outside of us.

4. Be mindful. Experts say awareness is above plain thinking. When we are aware, we understand our feelings. We struggle less because we stop seeing things as obstacles, but rather just circumstances that happen and pass.

5. Cultivate calmness. Because calmness is the sister of joy. And we all know that when we are calm inside, our thinking also becomes clear. Make calmness a natural part of your life so that happiness can be a natural part of your life, too.

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