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Are you ready for a digital detox? (Part 2)

We all have a clear idea about how detaching from electronic or digital devices can benefit one’s mental well-being. It’s important to note that a digital detox doesn't have to be a complete separation from one’s phone and other tech gadgets. Boundaries is the operative word. One needs to be sure that the use of gadgets or devices will benefit and not harm one’s health.

As far as social media is concerned, a good number would be only 30 minutes of use daily to improve well-being and decrease the symptoms of loneliness and depression. That’s according to research. Here are more tips to consider.

Work around your schedule

Those who cannot completely detach from all forms of digital communication—because it is needed for work, school, etc.—can work around their schedule. For example, if one needs to be online during the day, then a mini-detox by the end of a working day could do wonders. Just choose the time and day when you can turn off your devices and enjoy the peace and silence of a disconnected life.

Check your phone once

Turn off alerts and push notifications so you aren’t compelled to check your devices every time a message or post comes on. You could schedule a short period once a day for checking messages and other notices, and for responding or writing emails.

Try leaving your phone behind

To be more focused on other people, if you are with them physically, and to better concentrate on the activity or task at hand, it might be best to just leave your phone behind. Of course, this is possible if you are not expecting an urgent call.

Keep your evenings quiet

Experts have been saying that the use of digital devices before sleeping may lead to poor sleep quality and sleepiness during the day. It is, therefore, important to restrict the use of digital devices before bedtime. Instead, you can use the time for meditation or prayer.

More tips!

* Inform your family and friends that you are on a digital detox and ask for some help or support. Tell them how to reach you if something urgent comes up.

* Find other things to do — there’s plenty!

* Delete apps and games from your phone to avoid temptation.

* Go out of the house. Have coffee with friends, take a nice walk, or work out every time you're tempted to use your device.

* Keep a journal to track your progress. It would also help to write down your insights and thoughts about your experience.

* If you have an important task online, like managing a certain page or posting content for a business organization, try to assign an alternate person to take charge while you’re away. 

* Prepare for a period of detox by downloading all the files you will need so you don’t have to go online to retrieve important items.

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