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Beginner’s Mind and the New Year

The beauty of the upcoming year, and of anything new for that matter, is that it is unspoiled, fresh, and full of promise. It can be your best year yet, it can be the year when you finally do something you’ve been putting aside, or it can be the year when magic happens. It is important not to lose this perspective as we enter 2024.

On the other hand, if we go into the new year with anxiety about the things that we think we know—climate problems, uncertainty, health hazards, economic worries, threats to peace—then this early, we are already robbing the new year of its chance to amaze us.

Beginner’s Mind is a mind that looks at the world as if it’s new, as if it is being seen for the first time. As such, there are no preconceived notions, no prejudice, no judgment. This perspective is liberating because it allows us to meet events, people, places, and things with joy and anticipation.

Sure, disappointments will happen—it’s a part of life—but there is certainly more beauty and more causes for celebration, and we don’t want to miss that. We want to open ourselves and our lives to the wonderful possibilities of the present moment. We want to meet 2024 with pure intentions, fresh eyes, and a mind that can see all things as if they are new.

If you are interested in cultivating a Beginner’s Mind through a whole-day mindfulness retreat, then Mindfulness Asia invites you to join “Beginner’s Mind: A New Year Mindfulness Meditation Retreat”. The event happens on January 6, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at The Farm Shed @ Acacia Waldorf School in Hacienda Sta. Elena, Santa Rosa, Laguna. For more details, please check the information below. Registration Link: Beginner's Mind Link

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