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Creating your sacred space

Joseph Campbell, the author of The Power of Myth, wrote that it is important to have a sacred space where one can be with oneself, a place that may invite the Muse. We need to figure out, he said, what works best for us because having this space is crucial to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

A sacred space will inspire us to incorporate more mindfulness in our lives. It can help us pause and reflect on the things that truly matter. This is a space that we might use to communicate or connect with our higher self. Having a sacred space may also enhance or support our mind-body-spirit practices like meditation, yoga, qigong, chanting, journaling, and so on. Positive energy Your sacred space is where you leave behind the chaos of the world and go deeper inside to recharge. Whenever you step into this space, you feel calm and peaceful. So before thinking about the physical aspects of your space, first consider how the energy feels in a particular place. Find the perfect spot and spend some time thinking about what “sacred” means to you. What do you intend to do here and how often do you plan to use the space? Here are some things to consider in creating your sacred space: 1. First, set an intention. You can perform a quick cleansing ritual to clear the energy of the space. Light a candle. 2. Keep your space simple. You don’t even need a whole room. It could just be an altar, a pillow, an unused corner in the house, a tabletop, a shelf or closet floor, a windowsill, or a spot in the garden where you can relax. Ideally, your space should be able to allow you to be alone for as long as you wish. 3. Include objects that make you feel calm and at peace: crystals, photos of your loved ones, prayer beads, candles, incense and oils, inspirational books, a singing bowl, a bell, natural materials like plants and rocks, a vision board, journal and pen, mementos from important periods of your life, devotional statues, and so on. 4. Make the space welcoming. This space should inspire you and make you smile. So play sacred music or songs that make you feel joyful and peaceful. If possible, leave your phone and gadgets outside. Allow your space to change over time. You can add or remove things in it, or redesign it whenever you want. You can even create new rituals or intentions as time goes by. 5. Spend time in your sacred space every day, whether it’s 3 minutes or 20, the important thing is you use the space to release stress, replenish your spirit, and perform activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul. #sacredspace #mindfulness #meditation #mindfulnessasia

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