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Cultivating positive values through mindful awareness

Our values are very personal guideposts that we always return to whenever we feel lost. They define us and reflect our authentic selves. But sometimes, for various reasons, we lose sight of our values. And when this happens, we don’t feel comfortable because we know we are not being true to ourselves.

Mindfulness helps us to stay aligned with our values—with who we really are and with things that are important to us. Our actions, thoughts, words, and intentions stem from our personal values. It is, therefore, very important that we remain mindful so that we are constantly living according to our deeply held values. Here are some tips on how to stay mindful while strengthening your values. Taking some time every day for mindful awareness builds resilience and increases well-being.

  • Clarify what your values are, and what is most important to you. For some people, the non-negotiables are love, truth, generosity, compassion, gratitude, and non-violence.

  • Reflect on the interconnectedness of self and the world/society.

  • Set personal goals that are aligned with your values. Identifying our life’s deeper purpose and meaning is also an important component of goal-setting.

  • Define the obstacles you encounter in attaining goals. For example, limiting thoughts and emotions, etc.

  • Use meditation to accept and make peace with your emotions. Accept and face difficulties instead of being overwhelmed or immobilized by them.

  • Most importantly, be compassionate to yourself.

Here is a list of questions that you can incorporate into your morning meditation to help you return to what’s important to you. This may help you spend more authentic, happier, purpose-driven days.

  • What activities have I lined up for myself today?

  • Are these things really important to me?

  • Do I spend enough time with the people who are important in my life?

  • Are there changes I can make so that my activities are more aligned with what I value?

  • What would be my best intention for today?

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