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Do you have a regular gratitude practice?

They say that the only prayer we need to utter is “thanks”. It is enough to be grateful on a daily basis, for the blessings that we have received and even for the things that we are yet to receive.

It is likewise important to have a regular gratitude practice, by this we mean that we need to have a daily ritual or routine wherein we get to express our thanks. It’s better to do this practice at the same time every day.

There is also merit in writing down the things we are thankful for in a notebook or a gratitude journal. Some say their thanks out loud—the written or spoken expression is more powerful.

But why is gratitude powerful in the first place? The feeling of gratitude in the heart is a powerful energy that has the ability to draw more blessings into our lives. This means that the more we say thanks, the more of it will come to us.

We’ve all heard this before, and some of you might say it does not work. Well, the key is to feel the feeling in your heart. It is not enough to just speak it or to just write it, without really feeling thankful in our heart of hearts. That feeling translates into the energy that attracts.

Before sitting down every day to perform your gratitude practice, prepare your space. Put on some music if that is helpful for you, and light a candle and incense. Sit comfortably and be still and silent. Be aware of your breath and focus on the feeling of gratitude.

You can try to remember one moment wherein you felt very thankful—capture the feeling, relive the experience, and enlarge the emotion in your heart. Then proceed to give thanks for the numerous blessings you have and will receive.

Do it every day and watch what happens.

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