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How to come back to ordinary life after a spiritual retreat

Those who have gone on spiritual retreats know that going back to regular programming can be quite a challenge. Some people reintegrate into their old lives like seemingly new persons, and this quite unsettles friends and family. Others come back with ideas for radical changes that affect not only the retreat participant but those close to them as well.

Here then are some tips on how to successfully integrate back into the world after a life-changing retreat.

Carve out silent moments for self-care and introspection

Spend time in silence to listen to yourself and honor what your spirit needs. These pockets of time may be spent reading, reviewing your notes, journaling, meditating, doing qigong or yoga, or even pampering the body by taking fresh and nourishing drinks and food.

Respect others and their opinion

People who are close to you may be secretly feeling fearful about the changes happening to you and their inability to understand your experience. Honor where they’re at and meet them with love and understanding. That may mean holding back some things that you think they may not be ready for.

Share some special things with those willing to receive

Teach someone—an officemate, a relative, colleague, etc.—something special that you learned at the retreat if they are willing to listen and if you think they will understand or appreciate the information. On the other hand, consider your new knowledge sacred by limiting your sharing only to those who are open to receiving it.

Apply what you learned at the retreat

Use what you have learned in your day-to-day life, but know that you don’t need to do a lot or to do something big. Taking one small step is enough as long as you’re comfortable with it. Take your time and don’t rush to make hasty decisions unless you have thought things over adequately.

Create habits that are aligned with the new you

Sustain the high vibe you have created during the retreat by creating new habits to keep yourself healthy, happy, and peaceful. This way, you are not just helping yourself but also the people around you. Several examples: regular meditation, having a green smoothie instead of coffee, taking walks in the afternoons, eating healthy, and avoiding speaking ill of anyone.

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