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How to dwell in joy

What is the color of joy? What does it look like? What brings me joy? We can say it is every color, except that they are brighter or more vivid. Joy is when everything feels light and movement seems to flow gracefully. When we are joyful, we can’t help but smile, laugh, or sing.

To be joyful is to enjoy life, to appreciate its details, and to be content and grateful for everything received—whether it may be good or “bad”. Joy is an inherent part of well-being, making our hearts strong and delighting us in many ways.

Pausing is necessary

If we move too quickly, if we are always busy, joy might pass us by. But when we are able to pause, being mindful of each moment, we open ourselves to receiving joy. Connection happens when we slow down and just be.

The good news is that joy can be developed. We can intend to be joyful and then practice joyfulness. One special way to cultivate it is through mindful appreciation. Stop to smell the flowers, so to speak. Because whenever we connect to an experience, inner happiness is not far behind.

The ability to dwell in joy rests on our capacity to receive and allow ourselves to be touched by life. Therefore, focus your attention on life’s little moments by way of mindfulness. A dedicated mindfulness practice is necessary if we want to create a constant space for joy in our lives.

Happiness was born a twin

It was Lord Byron who said this. And it simply means that joy multiplies when it is shared with others. Did you know that joy is contagious, too? And that is precisely why we need to constantly ask ourselves these twin questions: How can I share my joy with others? And, how can I bring joy to others?

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