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Mindful education and the mental health of children

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Because of challenges in our fast-paced world, among many other reasons, even children and young people are not spared from stress, anxiety, and other emotional or psychological struggles. In schools, for example, teens and children deal with learning difficulties, peer pressure, bullying, etc. In their homes, they sometimes face problems involving relationships, poverty, abuse, and many other serious issues. It’s very difficult to learn and maintain good grades in the face of such circumstances.

One of the ways that schools are responding to these problems is by incorporating mindfulness in the classroom. Studies have shown that mindfulness education in schools helps students to manage their stress, stay healthy in mind and body, improve performance, and build resilience to stress and anxiety. Further, students become more positive, more focused and attentive, and generally more peaceful. Teachers and educators can make use of various programs created specifically for different ages and situations. Young grade schoolers, as well as high school and college students, stand to benefit from learning mindfulness concepts within the school walls. Activities such as guided visualization, breathing exercises, and walking meditation can help students enjoy the positive effects of mindfulness. In general, they are able to enjoy better academic, social and emotional lives. These findings are backed by research, but the consistency of practice is likewise important, which means it is always better if parents and families are involved in the efforts. The practices at school are better carried over into the students’ home lives, or that family members and relatives are also supportive or even participative in the students’ activities related to the school’s mindfulness program. An important component in bringing mindfulness into the classrooms is the training of educators as to how mindfulness should be taught to students. Even the schools’ staff and the parents of the students should attend training for the ultimate benefit of the students. #mindfulschools #mindfulness #mindfulnessasia

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