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Self-care: Keeping yourself company

Inasmuch as we enjoy spending time with people we like, we also need to cherish our alone time. It’s when we learn to enjoy our own company, listen to our thoughts and feelings, and rediscover ourselves all over again. If you find it difficult to be alone with yourself, try to understand why and work on it. Because our own company is what we can count on at all times so we need to learn to value it.

Whenever we keep ourselves company, we can liken the experience to a form of meditative or mindfulness practice. We are being present in the moment and silently aware of every single sensory experience. It is an opportunity to give ourselves the very best, to be really interested about how we are doing, where we are, what’s happening in our lives, and so on. It is our chance to gift ourselves with our own undivided attention.

We listen to our thoughts, we take notice of every little feeling or sensation, we observe our mind. We ask ourselves questions and we eagerly wait for the answers. Above all, it’s an opportunity for us to accept and love ourselves, every part of us, and to be gentle and kind when we are being less than perfect. We know we could do the same for others, most especially for people we love or like. But why can’t we do the same for us?

It’s good to do this especially when we are feeling a bit disappointed about ourselves or unhappy about something we did or did not do. It’s truly empowering to stop depending on others to keep us company. Put on some music, read a book, or do something enjoyable. Sit and meditate, or spend time in the kitchen or garden. Spend time in nature. Let us continue discovering the things that make us happy and commit to doing more of those.

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