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The benefits of walking meditation

Whenever we walk as a form of meditation, the goal is not to go anywhere. Nor do we have to attain anything aside from the state of mindfulness. The process is what counts. We have to be present with every step. Faithfulness to this practice may yield any or all of the following:

1. Our focus is developed, something that we can readily apply in our daily lives.

2. It presents healthful benefits like gentle exercise, especially after a meal or when we are feeling too tired to do an intense workout.

3. Walking can relax us, help us banish stress and anxiety, or dispel tension or fearful thoughts.

Other forms of mindful walking

Aside from the previously discussed type of walking meditation wherein we focus all of our attention on every slow movement, there are other forms of mindful walking that we can try depending on our goals or purpose.

Morning walk. It can be our quiet time as we begin the day—to give thanks, make mental plans, and prepare our mind and body for the day ahead. This walk sets the tone for the day, helps to ground us, and provides a good perspective on things that we may be thinking about.

Gratitude walk. We can take this walk at the end of the day to reflect on what transpired in the previous hours and to be grateful for the blessings received. According to research, a regular gratitude practice helps to improve our mood, fight stress and help us sleep better.

Nature walk. Here we simply appreciate the flowers, trees, plants, and animals that we meet on our walk. We revel in the beauty of nature, and pay attention to the weather, the fresh air, the sun and sky, and the other natural elements along the way. Feel free to stop and smell the flowers!

Walk for grit. This is the kind of walk that we take if we want to gain more confidence about something that we need to do. Some people would put on some empowering music as they walk, and then, they would tell themselves positive things to boost their confidence!

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