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The Role of Mindfulness in our Mental Health

So many people these days suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. Our fast lifestyle, environmental and other global issues, relationship crises, and financial difficulties are just some of the reasons why people struggle mentally. We all know that with stress, our immune system and physical body get weaker, and our mental health is negatively affected.

Researchers reviewed more than 200 studies about the practice of mindfulness among healthy people. And there is strong evidence showing the effectiveness of mindfulness in helping people with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues.

While mindfulness is a simple awareness practice, it is not necessarily easy for everyone. Doctors also say mindfulness is not advisable for those who are too sick mentally, however, studies show it is still effective as supportive therapy or as part of a bigger intervention plan. For example, mindfulness practice pairs well with counseling or psychotherapy. Essentially, medical experts agree that it is always better to have multiple options in treating mental health conditions or managing stress and anxiety.

How does it work, exactly? Mindfulness helps by enhancing a practitioner’s ability to regulate his or her emotions. With the help of the practice, one can step back from intense emotions, identify them, and accept them instead of resisting them. This leads to better emotion regulation, resilience, and, eventually, to better management of certain mental health issues. It can help change our habitual reactions and allow us to see things from new and better perspectives.

Here’s a little mindful technique we featured some time ago but is still great to review because it’s so simple but effective. When faced with a challenging situation, S.T.O.P. This acronym stands for Slow down; Take a breath; Observe your body, thoughts, and feelings, before Proceeding.

If you wish to learn more mindfulness techniques or if you want to start the practice in your life. you may visit for more information.

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