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changing the world, one breath at a time

mindfulness asia

changing the world, one breath at a time

Wellness and Mindfulness in the Time of a Pandemic

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After a large company with more than 10,000 employees participated in a mindfulness class that the office offered, Duke University conducted a post-event study and found that among those who took part in the class, the following were observed:


  • 28% reduction in self-reported stress levels

  • 20% improvement in sleep quality

  • 19% reduction in pain

  • an average of 62 minutes per week of added productivity


Companies like Google, Apple, Nike, Goldman Sachs, General Mills, and many others have started offering mindfulness programs to boost productivity and to promote better mental health and happiness among their employees.


What exactly is mindfulness and what benefits does it offer? 


Mindfulness is deep awareness of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and our environment. Ideally, mindfulness is maintained in every moment because the goal is to turn it into a way of life. When we practice mindfulness, we are able to focus on the present moment whenever we want or need to, no matter what is happening around us.


Meditation is just one of many ways to practice mindfulness. When we meditate, we immerse ourselves in the moment for a certain amount of time. Regular practice will help us develop the ability to be fully present (or mindful) for most of our waking hours.


Studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can lead to many physical, psychological and social benefits. People who are more mindful are happier, more patient, more accepting, positive, and compassionate. They also have lower stress levels, decreased aggression, frustration, and sadness. Furthermore, mindfulness has been proven to help with pain, depression and even disease.


However, we must not think that mindfulness itself gets rid of stress or problems. Rather, it helps us handle difficult situations by making us more aware of the unpleasant emotions and thoughts that arise as a result of these situations. When we are more aware or mindful, we think before we act and we are able to make sane decisions, avoiding complications and unpleasant confrontations.




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