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Is it possible to be mindful in a crisis situation?

The crisis situation that the world is in right now has sown fear in the hearts of people. Because of the coronavirus pandemic and economic uncertainty, many are afraid of getting sick, of their loved ones catching the virus, of death, of losing their jobs, business, and income, and so on. Apart from the fear and anxiety, many of us also experience grief, exhaustion, and stress. It is, indeed, a very difficult time for almost everyone.


Mindfulness can help us at a time like this by shifting our focus on the present moment to forget all the negativities even for a brief amount of time. If we turn inward and be silent, we can find the calm inside us. Mindfulness has the power to bring us to a place that is so different from our external surroundings. What better time to practice mindfulness than now?


Mindfulness Asia is a pioneer mindfulness organization in Asia, based in The Philippines. We offer a wide array of programs and retreats for corporate clients and private individuals, as well as full-featured training courses for prospective mindfulness teachers.

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More than ever, organizations are concerned about the wellbeing of their people. They understand that wellbeing is directly connected to productivity and the health of the organization.

The pandemic has brought to light the many flaws of our old normal. MINDFULNESS is one of the tools you can use to cope with the changes.

In fact, many successful organizations have institutionalized mindfulness programs for their own people.

Mindfulness Asia can customize a program for your organization to respond to the specific needs of your people. We'll be happy to talk to you about your goals.

I enjoyed Imee as the Mindfulness facilitator.

She exudes positive energy when she encourages dialogue without judgment, thereby creating a nurturing environment. Her manner, voice and tone are calming, serving to de-escalate the stress level in the environment.  Her directions are clear, straight forward and easy to follow. I came out of the session calmer and energized.

Debbie Wong
Generics Services, McKesson IT

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McKesson Corporation

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Since 2015, Mindfulness Asia has been helping clients of all ages and backgrounds achieve their true potential through mindfulness practice. If you want to know more, please get in touch with us by filling out the simple form below.

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