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Being true and doing right

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we know what we must do but, for some reason, it is difficult to do what’s right. Maybe it’s peer pressure, a kind of crisis, or a lapse in judgment—but we all find ourselves in moments of weakness. During these times, it’s our integrity that can save us.

It is all about having strong moral principles and uncompromising honesty. A person with integrity acts or speaks according to his or her deeply held values and beliefs. It often requires courage to stand up for our beliefs but the truly ethical person will do the right thing, even if no one’s watching.

The fruits of mindfulness and authentic integrity

Mindful awareness brings to light our authentic selves. When we are calm, our mind is able to gain clear insights into ourselves and the situation we are in. There might be a need to dig deep to understand ourselves better and process our feelings. Mindful meditation helps in this process.

Being in integrity brings an abundance of positive results. First of all, we feel whole and peaceful. When we are true to ourselves, we are ultimately happy and contented. Our inner and outer selves/lives are aligned, and this harmony is so valuable. It is also said to bring about eventual success, well-being, and a better quality of life. We get to avoid stress, problems, and worries.

For those who are experiencing some difficulty in this regard, it may help to take some time to explore your true self, unique gifts, and your sense of purpose. Really evaluate your beliefs and define your values. Finally, decide to stay committed to these—no matter what. For example, you can begin by keeping your word even if there is some pressure to do otherwise.

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