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Remedies for pandemic-induced burnout

Stress and burnout due to the pandemic is a real issue these days. Many mothers, parents, employees, students—almost all of us—are going through a rough time. But how can you tell if you’re already burning out? Here are some tell-tale signs, according to experts:

* emotional exhaustion

* lack of energy and excessive tiredness

* detachment from work and despondency

* feeling of frustration

* insomnia

* crippling self-doubt

Stress sometimes leads to burnout if it’s left unchecked for a long period. The symptoms above are the body’s way of protecting us by telling us that something isn’t right. If one suffers from burnout, the problem needs to be addressed. Psychologists underscore the importance of spending some time every day from stress-causing situations to allow the self to heal and recover. Here are more concrete tips:

* go for a walk

* do something that relaxes you

* take a break from work, if that is the cause of your burnout

* plan your vacation carefully

* listen to music

* read a book

* meditate or practice mindfulness

* focus on learning something new, like playing an instrument or learning a foreign language

* go on a social media detox

* be gentle with yourself

Employers also need to recognize the symptoms of burnout among their employees, and then offer remedies to address the problems before they escalate. They can offer paid time off work or free mental health webinars on meditation, mindfulness, and similar topics. It makes a lot of business sense to address workers’ mental health problems before they become harder (and costlier) to manage.

Experts also suggest offering workers flexible hours, giving them more control over their schedules, and appreciating them for their efforts. This will go a long way in motivating people and increasing their well-being.

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